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WILLPOWER is an exclusive private gym located on the edge of Auckland's CBD. Proprietor and Performance Specialist, Will Garrick has 20 years experience in the fitness industry – as former International Natural Body Building Champion/Sports Model Competitor/Personal Trainer.

With a Diploma in Sports Fitness Training from AUT in 2000 and continual ongoing professional development. Through mentorships and certifications in both Australia and the US, he has worked with world leaders in sports performance.

He is passionate about an integrated approach to training, and believes fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand when working towards peak performance and health.

He opened WILLPOWER in 2017 – a world-class facility on the edge of Auckland's CBD. He has a team of health and fitness professional and nutritionist.

WILLPOWER offers a complete health and fitness regime for busy urban professionals who want to train in a private, focussed environment to reach the fitness goals quickly, and maintain optimal health.


Phone Will on 021 454 066 for an appointment

Safer training

We are equipped with only leading-edge fitness equipment. We have an extensive array of Keiser gear, including their pneumatic resistance systems. It's unique action means the muscles remain active and engaged throughout the exercise with reduced shock loading to muscles, connective tissues and joints. Pneumatic resistance training allows for the safest strength training possible.

We focus on mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery



food and nutrition

An integrated approach

We believe peak performance can only be achieved with a holistic and integrated approach to training. When you combine regular training with a healthy diet, you will have more energy to fuel your work, lose weight, and have the nutrient building blocks for muscle strength and tone. We have on-site nutritionist who will develop an easy-to-follow weekly diet, which will give you more energy, more health and mental clarity. 

'We place a strong emphasis on our clients' physical strength, quality of life, and wellbeing. We support your physical transformation through integrated fitness training, the finest performance equipment, and the latest in exercise science.'

Will Garrick, founder


1 on 1 personal training

Individual customised programme tailored to your fitness and wellbeing goals, starting with your current fitness levels. Our step-by-step process ensures we understand your body's strengths and weaknesses, and we help you get you back into balance. Call Will for a private tour of our gym and to discuss your health goals. 

Semi private training


Exclusive International Hire for the professional

International Athlete Hire: Individual or (small team)

Preparing for an event or want to recover between the event, WILLPOWER offers a world class set up for the professional athlete. We are equipped with world leading brands in sports performance, Keiser, pheumatic air resistance, Power Plate pro 7, Woodway, Versaclimber, Eleiko. We also provide testing equipment to monitor performance. fusion sport technology jump mat, VBT (Velocity Based Training), via push band.

Recovery Fuel: Post work out supplementation


Without the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, your body and organs (including your brain) will not be able to operate at peak performance. You will reach your goals faster when you are well nourished. Trained nutritionist John Smith works from WILLPOWER one day a week to support our clients reach their goals, faster.

To make an appointment, call John on 021 345 345.


By appointment only
on 021 454 066



6/36 Sale Street
Freeman’s Bay
Auckland 1011
New Zealand



Mon-Fri 6am–8pm
Sat 7am–5pm
Sun by appointment


Onsite parking available.

No joining fee.
No contract.
No membership fee.

You pay only for your appointment.



Two private bathroom / changing rooms.
Complementary recovery smoothies.
Complementary body products by Nellie Tier.

We are a small, dedicated team of fitness and health professionals committed to your results in a fun, friendly, and safe environment.




6/36 Sale Street
Freeman’s Bay
Auckland 1011


021 454 066




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